my draws, look at them

Hey guys! I found myself without any net connection, still sort of sick with a new drawing tablet on my hands, so i doodled a bunch of stuff, thought i might share just for the sake of showing that I'm still alive. It's mostly cute-ish stuff, guess it helps me get better :v



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Nice variety of facial shapes and hairstyles. They're all expressive, even if simple in style. I can definitely see experimental drawings like these inspiring some more refined character designs down the road.

Hope you get better soon!
Have you ever drawn the bird trio
If not maybe you could draw them fighting and do something that is creative but also at the same time fun for you
Would love to see what you would come up with
EDIT not really a request but more of an idea

tikiedit: thank you for the suggestion! might look into it when i get back to pokemon related art
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I love the style you have adapted for your recent illustrations (or dare I say, perfected)!
The strong colors, subtle gradients and white highlights create a very distinctive looks that's pleasant and interesting to the eye.
Definitely a worthy addition to my personal collection of iconic Smogon artist styles hehe,
Keep up the good work!

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